Little Rhymes for Little people

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-0-646-92462-5
Publisher:         John Westlake
Release Date:    


Janet Mawdesley

Author :  John Stewart Westlake. Ill: Sophie Scahill 

This is a delightful book of rhymes to suit young children and introduce them to a collective of different animals found around the world.

Each of the simple rhymes introduces the animal and some of their characteristics, making the animal into something special as they flap, flip, clap, snuffle and snooze their way across the pages.

It is lovely to see a rather different collection of animals featuring such as goldfish, bumble bees and Currawongs, which adds an educational value to the rhymes.

As the language used is easy to pronounce and easy to remember it makes each piece great for sharing and learning, creating a lovely way to introduce small children to discussion of the various stars of the pages.

‘Visiting’ is a lovely little story about a possum who comes to the front door but who did he come to visit, me or the cat or the friend who lives in the tree. Simple and easy to understand there are also a lot of little points of interest to discuss on each page.

Points such as why get a tiger out of bed, what you need to do to keep a goldfish happy and a zippy little tale about zebras and their stripes, as well as a rhinoceros who simply loves to eat fairy floss! Do you think this could be bad for his teeth?

Bright, colourful illustrations go with each rhyme which adds a lovely visual to the already interesting, catchy and informative poetry aimed at early childhood and young readers.

A great book for sharing with your children, from this first time author.