Marge in Charge

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781848125339
Publisher:         Piccadilly Books
Release Date:   August 2016  


Janet Mawdesley

Author :  Isla Fisher, illustrated by Eglantine Ceulemans 

What happens when the new baby sitter is going to arrive worries Jemima a great deal as her baby brother Jake is anything but happy about strange people in the house and is very likely to make a great deal of fuss and upset Mummy and Daddy just before they go out.

He is already creating a fuss and when Marge arrives he puts his pants on his head, getting that look on his face. When Dad opens the door the new baby sitter is a little tiny person who looks a bit like Jemima’s very, very strict teacher Mrs Ratley. She is wearing a funny yellow hat, has a rather large tummy, very knobbly knees and most importantly, Jake seems to be more interested than upset.

The minute Mummy and Daddy leave the house, Marge, because that’s her name, gives them both a great big wink, pulls off her hat and checks out the list of things Mummy has left on the fridge that must be done.

She pulls her own pencil out of her bag, looks at the list and then adds a few more things that simply must be done before they clean their teeth and go to bed.

And then the fun really begins as Marge is anything but an ordinary babysitter and in the end Jemima and Jake end up having to look after Marge, as the ‘too much fun’ they have been having seems to have worn her out.

This is the first of three warm-hearted tales devoted to babysitters and the extraordinary fun, or rather mischief, they can get up when their name is Marge, and she is placed in charge.

Marge takes the children to a birthday party that somehow manages to change into the very best fun ever in spite of the rain and also takes the children to school where she manages to create her own kind of magical fun in the classroom.

Children in the 6-10 year age range will have a great time reading about Marge in Charge but when they start to laugh out loud at some of the goings-on, be warned and make sure you let your next babysitter know they have been reading Marge in Charge!

A great fun read for one and all.