Milly and Mulberry Tree

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781922539120
Publisher:         Exisle Publishing/EK Books
Release Date:   July 2022  



Author :  Vikki Conley. Illustrations Deb Hudson. 

It is rather unusual to find a story spanning so many years in a picture book. Milly and the Mulberry Tree takes us from Millie’s early years through to her wedding day. It is a story that could involve many spin off activities for children and raise many questions.

As a young child Millie helps her dad plant a mulberry tree. They plant it in an open place where it has room to grow and stretch. As the tree grows so does Millie. She follows some silkworms which are eating the leaves and names them.

Each day she checks on the progress of the silkworms and notes their development. The cocoons prove a great fascination for the young girl, and she carefully preserves them. As the years pass Millie’s life revolves around the tree. Birthday parties are held there, and the fruit is played with and eaten.

The years pass and Millie has moved away from home, but never forgets the silkworms, the tree and the patterns made. She loves to sketch patterns made from her memories of the tree and creates a fine design for a special dress.

This gentle story is delicately illustrated with detail enough to keep young children’s eyes busy. It shows the importance of childhood memories, and how they can continue to be important in our grown up lives.