Pear of Hope

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       May 15, 2021


Author  Wenda Shurety. Illustrations Deb Hudson.

Distributor:      Exisle Publishing
ISBN:                 9781925820867
Publisher:         EK/Exisle Publications
Release Date:   May 2021  


In Pear of Hope the wonderful symbolism of pear tree has been used to show the circle of life and with life, hope. Anna loved the pear tree that grew at the bottom of her garden. It was very old and just perfect for climbing, having adventures in and enjoying the shade in the summer.

When Anna gets very sick she can no longer go to her garden and climb the beloved tree. As her illness progresses the leaves fall from the tree, the skies grow dark and winter is on the land. Time passes and Anna gets a little better; so to do the leaves begin to return to the tree, the skies begin to smile again and bees return to the garden.

Once the fruit was ripe Anna picked a piece then sat under the shade of the pear tree. Finding a small seed in the core she places it in the ground in the hope that one day the tree would be large and mighty, just like the old gnarly one at the bottom of the garden.

Delicately created to allow discussion to occur about some of the seriously troubling issues of illness, life and hope, Pear of Hope uses the pear tree and the pear, a symbol of so many things in varying cultures, all underscoring immortality, life, good fortune and wisdom and health.

Wendy Shurety and Deb Hope have combined their undoubted talents to sensitively show the natural order of the pear trees annual metamorphosis gently walking alongside the Illness and slow recovery of Anna.

Pear of Hope is the perfect vehicle for open discussion with young children and comes with Teaching Notes able to be downloaded from the website. The message is one of hope and reassurance with the charming illustrations hiding hidden treasures for little ones to discover along the way.