Perfect Petunias

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781925335583
Publisher:         Exile Publishing/EK Books
Release Date:   January 2018  



Author :  Lynn Jenkins Illustrated by Kirrili Lonergan 

These days it seems many children approach their early days of schooling with the idea that everything need to be done exactly. There are many skills such as using scissors, listening to others and completing tasks that need to be learned. With this, it is natural to make mistakes, to have to practice and redo certain tasks. That is the process of learning. This story tells of one who expects to do things perfectly, and is upset when this doesn’t happen.

Loppy Lac, and Curly Calmster were doing their homework, and practising to copy the letter “a”. Loppy found that he couldn’t replicate a perfect letter, and threw down his pencil. After some time spent sulking, Curly managed to talk to her friend and make a comparison with growing petunias.

She wisely reflected about how Loppy couldn’t control his mistakes, but that it was OK.  It is right to always try to do your best, and that “Is success. When you truly focus on the trying part, you are being the most perfect you.”  She pointed out that the petunias Loppy grew were just wonderful, even though he wasn’t sure that he had planted them perfectly. He needed to appreciate their beauty, not worry about mistakes in their planting.

The illustrations in this soft covered Picture Book are very pertinent to the concept behind the text. The characters are invented and do not detract from the message of “It’s OK to try your best and not be perfect”.

There is a small block of text, on a large white background for easy reading and following, as well as brightly coloured pictures. These show purple petunias and a red stripy tail on Loppy. His message of “Sometimes I can do what I can, then I need to let my petunias grow,” is a wonderful catch phrase for those who struggle with not being perfect.