Piggy: Let’s Be Friends!

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781681190693
Publisher:         Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Release Date:   March 2018  

Website:    https://www.bloomsbury.com/au 


Author :  Trevor lai 

Piggy’s story comes in a wonderfully bright and colourful hardback book. The front cover shows the main character as being a bit quirky, with enormous glasses and a very sweet smile. He has obviously worked out that the way to develop good friendships begins with food. The bold colours continue through this story, giving it life and vivacity.

The tale begins with a very lonely pig, just surrounded by his books. By chance he met Kate, and as the two of them arranged tea parties more friends popped along. In the forest community nearly everyone was by now well acquainted with each other; all except Mole.

 He lived under the forest you see, and so never had an opportunity to mingle. Miles the Mole also had an affliction. When he became nervous, he sneezed. One day Mole smelt Piggy’s roses and popped up to investigate the wonderful smell. Piggy saw him and called out, but Mole just sneezed and disappeared down his hole again.

Hmmmm! Piggy was now thoroughly curious, and wanted to meet Mole. He and Kate talked it over and decided to invite Miles to one of their tea parties. Mole was so worried. What if he sneezed all the time? Maybe it was easier to stay underground and not appear foolish in front of others. However, there was the smell of the delicious muffins that Kate had freshly baked…..

The illustrations in this book are charming. There is such gentleness to the characters and their surrounds it is almost as if you are invited to the party as well. When the mole is shown underground, the shades of brown could be harsh, but are softened by a warm glow. The story shows that by reaching out to others, you can bring joy and happiness for them as well as yourself. The text is really appropriate for reading aloud. It has small chunks of text on lighter coloured backgrounds for ease of following.

Definitely a smiley ending.