Reena’s Rainbow

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       October 12, 2017


Author  Dee White & Tracie Grimwood

Distributor:      EK Books
ISBN:                 9781925335491
Publisher:         Exile Publishing
Release Date:   September 2017  


A beautiful story about fitting in and being accepted has been woven thought the clear, seeing eyes of Reena, who is deaf and a little brown dog at the park, that does not appear to have a home.

When Reena goes to play at the park she is always the best at hide and seek. Her clear, seeing eyes always spot the other children when they hiding. She is the best. But when it is her turn to hide she is so successful they cannot find her. She does not hear them calling or hear them leave the park. Suddenly she finds she is all alone.

The little brown dog comes up to comfort her until Reena’s mother comes to find her. On their next visit to the park both Reena and the little brown dog save Thomas from becoming seriously hurt, which is when the other children discover that although she and her new, beloved, best friend little brown dog, might be different, they too are also special. That is also when Reena begins to understand, that she and little brown dog, are also a part of the rainbow Reena’s mother is always talking about.

Dee White along with the colourful and descriptive illustrations from Tracie Grimwood offer a comfortable basis from which to discuss with your children, or a class group, that everyone is special, regardless of their disabilities, underwriting this with the message that true friends, no matter who they are, will always accept and love you for who you are, and not what you are.

Reena’s Rainbow is a heart-warming story about love, diversity, friendship and acceptance, which will resonate with children young and old which will also make a good introduction to the many different and diverse people to be found in today’s  world.