Scaredy Book: It’s not always easy to be brave!

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781925335682
Publisher:         Exile Publishing/EK Books
Release Date:   May 2018  


Janet Mawdesley

Author :  Devon Stillett and Cara King 

Scaredy Book is not very brave and finds simply living in his nook in the library is really pretty good. He would love to be a lot braver and go on adventures but well…. perhaps something might happen. Perhaps something might get spilt on his pages, or maybe a corner might get damaged, or so many things might happen that is just much safer to stay where he is, happily on the shelf.

That is until he meets Emma who loves adventure and loves books and decides to take Scaredy Book out to her home.  Scaredy Book thought that perhaps as Emma seemed to love books so much he might be safe with her and somehow found a little bit of courage. Emma thought Book looked a little lonely and that perhaps he need a little bit of happiness in his life.

The two of them set off on some lovely adventures together having a huge amount of fun and strangely enough, Book found out that his few creases and smudges from climbing trees, and walking in the rain and lots of other things, made him feel happy and proud.

He still loved his nook on the shelf in the library but he was no longer afraid to go out and have another small adventure from time to time.

This is an excellent story for those children who are fearful of new and different things and events in their lives; children who love their comfort zones. It is also a gentle reminder to parents that children need to be able to be brave, take some small risks, learn about the world they live in and yes, live to tell the tale.

Well-crafted and beautifully illustrated Scaredy Book will raise a great many discussion points with children and their parents. As it is set in a library, which in many ways is a great jumping off point for many adventures, it may also encourage young readers to discover the shelves of their libraries and the amazing amount of very safe adventures to be discovered in the pages of a book.