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ISBN:                 9781408851517
Publisher:         Blomsbury Child
Release Date:   January 2017  

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Author :  Peter Jay Black 

Shockwave is the fifth and final book in the Urban Outlaw series. It is every bit as action packed and fast moving as the previous books. Jack, Charlie, Obi, Slink and Wren have formed a group they call Urban Outlaws. The teenagers have become increasingly dismayed at large scale crime and deception by corporations and greedy bosses, and so they set out to do something about this. Each one has unique skills, which complement the group’s activities and each member is prepared to problem solve and face danger.

 In the earlier books, the Outlaws have met several criminals, and, in fact, have foiled their plans. There is Hector and his father, whom the Outlaws exposed as cheats, and a girl called Tayla, who manages a gang of thugs from her wheel chair. Although Tayla is physically inactive, she has a very superior intellect which is respected by all who meet her.

 In book five, we learn that the Outlaws have been infected with a deadly virus, for which there is no antidote as yet. They are highly contagious, and try to keep themselves away from the general population. Friends of theirs have been held hostage and so they have broken into a building, to rescue them. Hector’s men have been following the group, and they just manage to escape capture, when Obi sneezes. He is quickly grabbed and rushed off before anyone can help. Now the group has two lots of people to release.

 Feeling quite sick because of the virus, the teenagers regroup and formulate another plan. By now a warning has been issued in the City of London where they live which advises people to the leave the city, as the virus has been detected. Airports have closed and motorways are choked with people heading out of the danger zone.

 This is to the advantage of Hector, who has released the details of the virus to the media. He wishes to break into Buckingham Palace, and take objects that can be melted down. The Outlaws get together and formulate a plan, which involves converting a car and using specialized tools. Just what they plan is awesome and almost unthinkable! However, by now, the Outlaws are professional and skilled risk takers, using technology to plan their tactics.

 The ending of the book will leave you shaking your head in amazement. It is to be hoped that Peter Jay Black will continue writing such thrilling yarns for teenagers, and they in turn will at least be aware of corruption, and the fight against it.