Super Cats

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       August 8, 2019


Author  Gwyneth Rees. llustrations Becka Moor.

Distributor:      Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN:                 9781408894194
Publisher:         Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Release Date:   May 2019  


It is clearly understood by all Cats humans that they have a secret life we human know nothing at all about, but what we did not know is that some of them have secret powers as well. Well, maybe some of us did!

Super Cats is a zany, fast paced and most enjoyable tale about Tagg, a lovely little kitten who discovers that not one, but both of his parents and even his very old Uncle Bill, who lives down the back shed, have super powers. Uncle Bills super powers have long since been reduced to dreaming of a time when, but still……..

Once Tagg has been told by his mother that he is special, but it will still be some time before his super powers develop, he begins to realise that his life will never, ever be the same again.

Unfortunately for Tagg and his parents, a terrible thing is happening in the cat world; Cats are disappearing everywhere, not just any old cats but Super Cats, cats who are all part of a secret network, destined to fight crime in the cat world.

But when a friend of Taggs’ parents arrives saying her partner has gone missing, his parents decide enough! Tagg and Sugarpaw, another superpower kitten, are told to stay put. But of course, they don’t; they decided to sneak out to see the super band One Purr in the old cheese factory, the place their parents have gone to try and get to the bottom of what is happening.

The most beautiful Siamese cat, Nemesissy Lilac Masquerade introduces the band, but there seems to be something not quite right, perhaps a little fishy, about her. What can it possibly be?

Super Cats is a rollicking good, adventure based around friendship, courage and wickedness that is hard to put down until the final page and is the absolutely purrrrfect book, to launch what will undoubtedly become a series much awaited, as Tagg, Sugarpaw and their families fight crime in the secret world of cats.

Fabulous full-page line drawings from Becka Moor simply enhance a great storyline.