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ISBN:                 9781743319697
Publisher:         Allen & Unwin
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Website:    http://www.allenandunwin.com 


Author :  Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg and Kim Gamble 

This 20th anniversary edition of Tashi has all the wonderfully familiar features, which bring instant recognition. The front cover consists of the single word TASHI, with the original picture of Tashi on a swan. The colours are all the same as the original edition as are the end pages. The size of the book is ideal for small hands.

The first story is the original Tashi story (it was first published in 1995), so many younger Tashi fans may not have been aware of the boy’s beginnings. His mother is unable to have a child and so she consults the local healer, “Wise as an owl”, who gave her medicine to drink.

Nine months later, Tashi was born. At his first birthday party, his father described him as “curious “and his mother tiredly said “He’s as quick as a firecracker.” He was never going to be an ordinary boy!

On his first birthday, one of his birthday gifts went missing and Tashi clung to the leg of one of the guests, until the gift tumbled out of the man’s pocket. He had noticed him slipping it away when everyone was chatting. Thus his first problem solving occurred at the age of one.

Jack enters the story in the next tale. In this story, the author presents adult traits that are so familiar to children. For example, Jack was explaining how Tashi arrived on a swan. “Black or white swan? his father asked.  It doesn’t matter, said Jack. You always ask the wrong questions.”

Jack understands that Tashi’s parents bought a ticket for him to escape from a warlord and flew him to this town on a swan. (And, no, it doesn’t matter how much the ticket cost.)

The fantasy elements of these stories are very well done without being frightening or complicated, and they always have the understanding that makes it possible for our hero to outsmart a fire breathing dragon safely.

The language is basic, and the diagrams contain emotional information; each page is a gentle delight. So settle back for a wonderful ride, whether it be on the back of a swan, or watching a fire breathing dragon succumb to Tashi’s trickery.

Enjoy the wonder in children’s eyes as they roam the world, escape from warlords, and only arrive home a little late for supper.