The Book of Me

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       July 3, 2017


Author  Adam Frost: Illustrated Sarah Ray

Distributor:      Bloomsbury/Allen & Unwin
ISBN:                 9781408876817
Publisher:         Bloomsbury UK
Release Date:   July 2017  


How much better can it get than a Book of Me, all about you and designed to be tailor made, by you for you!

As this is a workbook there is so much fun you can have filling in the gaps, creating your own drawings, giving scope to what you think your room, or your house, or back yard could or should look like, if you had the say.

These is also a great page for working out your finances in regard to how much you could earn by carrying out some simple household chores for  Mum or  Dad or even Grandma or Grandpa. You could earn some much needed funds for your holiday that you can also plan out in this fab book.

Things just keep getting better and better as you go through the pages once you get to the bit that called Slippery Slope, Err, perhaps you better not tell your Mum about this one until you have tried out a few! Remember to make sure what you are going to do is safe– not silly!

On one of those days that you are SO BORED, there is a little bit on page 61 that lets you record your belly button fluff, and work out just how hairy your Dad is; is he as ‘bald as a coot’ – if you are not sure what a ‘coot’ is, it’s a good one to look up, or a hairy as the Abominable Snowman – also one to look up. Page 116 is all about Get on the Case – not what you expect at all and maybe will give you a clear look at what really can hide in your pencil case.

You must, of course, be between the ages of 8-11 years old to use with this book, you will have a heaps of fun, learn lots of things you never really ever wanted to know, fill in travel time, if you are going to travel somewhere or the days when there’s ‘nothing to do, Mum’ having AWSOME fun, which is all about You!

How good can it get!!!!! Well ……actually it could be all about ME!