The Knight Who Said “No!”

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       May 31, 2018


Author  Lucy rowland. Illustrations: Kate Hindley

Distributor:      Nosy Crow
ISBN:                 9781788002073
Publisher:         Nosy Crow
Release Date:   April 2018  


Even a knight who has the most amenable disposition can occasionally be argumentative. Ned was always the perfect gentleman when it came to obeying his parents, and he was an exemplary knight. He helped with the dishes, picked the cabbages, and raced inside at night when told. There was a dragon that swooped on the village each night and frightened the adults.

Ned was sure though that he had heard the dragon groan, and he wondered if she was alone like him. Then one morning he awoke and felt strange and hot all over. He began to say “NO”! shocking all of the people in village as well as his parents. All day he said, “NO”!, and when told to come inside as the dragon was coming, he refused. Ned was right about the dragon. She was lonely and once they had overcome their surprise at confronting each other, they became friends. 

Growing up is a difficult time for all knights. Ned was just beginning to assert his freedom and authority with his family, when along came a challenging friend. Mostly because of the happy friendship, Ned was more compliant with his duties, but every now and again, when adventures were too intense and involved, Ned would still say “NO”.

This lovely hardback picture book is well illustrated with bright colours and patterns in the art. There are plenty of detailed items to gain attention of younger readers. The font is a good size for following along, and the occasional word is enlarged for emphasis. The text has interesting parts of rhyme and free flow. An enjoyable story for any would be knight, or growing child.