The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9780571332540
Publisher:         Faber
Release Date:   December 2017  



Author :  Alex Bell 

This fantasy / adventure story takes us to the coldest place on earth. Only members of the Polar Bear Explorers Club are allowed to investigate such places and the many sights and creatures they meet are all duly recorded and displayed at their headquarters. The obstacles that the team meet during their adventures, are quite daunting, not to mention the extreme cold.

Stella Starflake Pearl is a twelve year old girl.  She was discovered by Felix, when she was a baby, abandoned on the ice. He raised her with all the love and care of a natural father. No one knows who Stella might be, or where her family are. Children with three names are known to have their middle name given by fairies, that is all that is known about this girl. When the story begins, we find a very cross Stella, sulking on her birthday.

Felix is a member of the Explorers Club, and Stella has always wished to join him. Now he is going away on an expedition, and she wants him to take her. Through various circumstances, this becomes a reality, and she, with three other boys, is able to join the ship to take them to the cold lands. It is here the adventure begins.

When travelling with the explorers group, Stella and her young friends are on a sled led by wolves, with a unicorn in the rear. The wolves are frightened by a noise and race across a dangerous ice bridge, which collapses behind them. Once the young members realize they are on their own, they are determined to try to get to their goal, the coldest part of the world.

The four members, Stella, Shay the wolf whisperer, Beanie, and Ethan the magician, need to work together and pool their knowledge to survive. They come across many strange creatures, such as Frosties. One bite from these winged fairies will make your whole body succumb to frostbite. Luckily Stella has stolen a goose who lays eggs that provide them with nourishing food.

During the course of many dangerous situations, the group learn a lot about each other, and the true story of Stella’s parents evolves when they come across a castle. From being self-important individuals, the team risk their lives to help each other. The excitement and amazing situations that the four find themselves in keep the reader engrossed, while there is always the love of Felix and the warmth of home to look forward to.