The Secret Science Society: In Space

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781761110092
Publisher:         Wombat Press.
Release Date:    



Author :  Josie Montano and Kathy Hoopmann, Illustrations Ann-Marie Finn. 

The cartoon like characters on the front cover The Secret Science Society.In Space give exactly the right feel for the story. A group of children have formed a science club at school and they have been encouraged to enter a science competition. The group consists of Zane, who narrates the story, Kikki, who suffers from anxiety, Mona, and Bart, also known as professor Know-it-all. What could possibly go wrong!!!!

To begin with Zane decides to show an experiment that proves you can have fire under water. In the school science lab, he lights a whole packet of sparklers and places them in a beaker of water. When things go terribly wrong all the children are in trouble but are still allowed to go on an excursion to the Planetarium, although it must be in their own time.

There are many outrageous ideas for the competition, but thanks to a neighbour’s dog, a rotten piece of steak and some quick thinking, this quirky group manages to put together a great plan. This short novel will capture the imagination of young readers as there are many very funny moments as they experiment their way to the Competition.