The Smidgens

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       May 13, 2021


Author  David O'Connell. Illustrations Seb Burnett.

Distributor:      Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN:                 9781526607768
Publisher:         Bloomsbury Children's Books
Release Date:   May 2021  


If you are only three inches high and having to scavenge a meal in the real world of humans, life can be very interesting indeed, and when you have to take your whinging little brother with you, it can become downright dangerous.

Meet the Smidgens, Gafferty Sprout and her little brother Gobkin, as they set out on a rather perilous journey to feed their growing family. This is Gafferty’s first outing on her own and although she is trying to follow the rules Dad had taught her, Gobkin seemed to be far to frightened of the big people and getting caught, which was not helping.

David O”Connell has created world of little people in The Smidgens with a very broad appeal, as well as massive scope for adventures, led by the indomitable Gafferty. Not happy with her success as securing a big, fat, hot golden chip, she decides to try and discover some more about the possible remainder of the Lost Tribe of Smidgens, as according to a book she found, there use to be lots of them, not just her small family.

 She along with Gobkin set out to see what they can discover and in doing so really do land themselves in a huge heap of trouble, trouble that may well see the end of them, as it seems that Smidgens hold heaps of secrets and she and Gobkin are not the only ones trying to find out more about a tiny, teeny race of people three inches high!

Fantastic cartoon illustrations from Seb Burnett create a visual feast of characters that do justice to these tiny people created by David O’Connell, who just maybe inhabit our everyday, very big people world.

Get set for a rollicking series of fun filled, scary adventures to come and if book one, is anything to go by The Smidgens will fast become sought after, beloved characters in all young readers libraries.