The Worst Breakfast

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-1-61775-486-9
Publisher:         Black Sheep/Akashic Books
Release Date:   January 2017  

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Janet Mawdesley

Author :  China Mieville & Zak Smith 

Hot off the meal table is this latest offering from these two acclaimed word and picture artists, which is bizarre from the beginning, in that it is a story all about breakfast, but what breakfast: obviously the WORST breakfast ever! But is it, was it, is yet to be discovered as you trundle your way through he ever increasingly gross illustrations, of strangely exotic styles of food.

Some of the illustrations make trying to puzzle out just what the food is, rather like heading off on a mystery tour of the unimaginable and is something that will appeal to all little boys about the age of 8-10 years, when anything gross is appealing.

As the two sisters, who are the narrators of the story, progress further and further into their phantasmagorical food fantasy, so too do the food items, with the bizarre concoctions they dream up, all of which go to make the absolutely worst breakfast ever, become ever more outrageous.

When you get to the page where honey becomes an item on the breakfast list, it is relatively hard to make any sense out of the illustration, as that really does look like either a pink, slightly demented octopus mixed up in the heap of food or maybe, it could even be the remainder of a deep sea diver’s outfit. Therein lays the challenge presented on each page.

The illustrations along with the text will make for some interesting discussion points and for young readers, the amount of words in a variety of text sizes and formats, will create a fun journey across the English language.

But is there an end in sight to the most horrible breakfast ever, possibly, but then you just never know!

Join the two sisters as they let their imagination loose over the worst breakfast ever and then see if you can create a worse, than worse, breakfast.

Parents may struggle with this one, teachers’ and librarians of primary school children should have a lot of fun with the story line and every child that reads it, will ‘get it’ immediately.

One thing it will do though is challenge just what it is that you can class as ‘The Worst Breakfast’ ever!