Toy Mountain

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       December 3, 2021


Author  Stef Gemmill. Illustrations Katherine Hall.

Distributor:      EK Books
ISBN:                 9781925820966
Publisher:         Exisle Publishing
Release Date:   October 2021  


Toy Mountain is a beautifully coloured Picture Book from Stef Gemmill  that should hold the answer to all children’s dreams. At the end of the rainbow there is a toy factory where little hands make toys all day. Toys that “Rumbled, grumbled and plinked.”  For Sam, the toys he played with were all hand me downs from his grandmother; they were worn and faulty. He shared those toys with a younger brother.

When his mother came home and asked Sam if he would like to be a tester for the toy factory it seems as though all his wishes had come true. However, there were to be consequences which no one could have foreseen. The motto, “Be careful what you wish for,” certainly applies here. The problems that arise are unforeseen and test Sam ‘s resolve.

The illustrations from Katherine Hall are vibrant and add to the text in a humorous way. There are large and colourful pictures as well as small, detailed drawings which need close examination. The text is a good size for young readers, and the font is designed for easy reading. Many words such as “PLONK,” are written in a larger size for emphasis.

While Sam is discovering his newfound toys, his younger brother is left out of the fun. His expressions show his feelings, creating a solid base for a discussion about sharing.  Toy Mountain is good book for all younger children.