Tree: A Gentle Story of Love and Loss

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781925820126
Publisher:         EK/Exisle Publications
Release Date:   February 2020  


Janet Mawdesley

Author :  Lynne Jenkins. Illustrations Kirrili Lonergan. 

In a delicately woven story of love and loss Lynne Jenkins and Kirrili Lonergan, along with their beloved friends Loppy, a LAC and Curley Calmster, help small children everywhere learn about so much in their life that is important and helps little ones understand the world around them is not always as it seems.

In a very little village the Little Anxious Creatures, of which Loppy is one, along with his best friend Curly, a Calmster, who has the magic touch of helping Loppy understand that sometimes sad things do happen, but that good things a can and often do remain and begin, once the sad things are better understood.

In their village lives a very, very old tree that everyone who lived their loved. It was special place that everyone could go and talk about things that made them sad, or worried. Somehow the tree always seemed to listen and make things a whole lot better.

Once day Loopy realised Tree was looking a bit sad; the leaves were falling, changing colour and not growing back. Trees’ bark was falling off and it was the wrong time of the year. Things were not looking good for Tree, but what could they do.

Loopy was very upset and spoke with his friend Curley about this very sad thing that had come into their lives. After much thought they came to a very interesting conclusion that would help them all say goodbye to Tree, while honouring it for having been such an important tree in the lives of all the people in their small village for so very long.

Beautifully created Tree, A gentle story about love and loss is the perfect resource for helping little ones learn to understand and accept grief, letting go and the changes this brings about in their lives.