Wahu Classic Soccer

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Janet Mawdesley

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Neoprene water play toys have been one of the better things invented for summer fun as they are suitable for a wide range of ages as well as beach, river or pool use and a whole lot of fun as well.

Made from neoprene, they are durable, have an all-weather capability and are defined as a high performance piece of equipment, which for the lovers of beach soccer in this case, makes the Wahu Soccer ball ideal for all seasons when a game of outdoor soccer is considered essential.

The Wahu Soccer ball could, for a range of reasons, come under the category of Beach Ball which has its own Wikipedia definition and according to them says beach balls, the inflatable plastic ball in various sizes, came into fashion for use at the beach after a series of summer beach movies made during 4he 1960’s featuring many young Hollywood stars having a huge amount of fun at the beach, accompanied by trending music of the times.

This captured the imagination and has over the years simply changed format and material slightly to become neoprene, creating something a bit more substantial the than the original plastic and able to be utilised in all seasons.

If you are looking for something to have some serious beach or water fun with this summer, check out this easy to handle, well balanced inflatable Wahu Soccer ball, with a good amount of bounce on the sand, and get set to have a terrific summer of fun.