Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       September 28, 2015


Author  Emma Dodd

ISBN:                 9780857634566
Publisher:         Nosy Crow
Release Date:    

Website:    http://www.allenandunwin.com 

A baby wolf can see, hear and feel how much she is loved. Each page in this book shows how her father is by her side in the woods, as they walk along, or as they cuddle up together, in the snow. Her father is very visible to the cub, while speaking of her love and pride for the little one and sheltering her with the larger body.

The simple illustrations capture the thoughts and feelings of the father wolf and his cub as they move around the countryside. The colours used in the illustrations are quite dull. They are black, grey and white but there is a wonderful streak of silver used to great effect to lighten the picture. The silver is quite outstanding and invites a touch. The drawings are simple line drawings but cleverly show a great range of emotions, in both mother and cub. There is no clutter on the page, just basic colours.

The text is a good size, in a plain font, and doesn’t intrude upon the illustrations. On some pages, words have been chosen to be enlarged and emphasised.  Because of the simple text and clever drawings, this book would suit the youngest reader.

Father wolf is saying to his cub that he wants to show her the world, how wonderful it will be to share this experience together and that he will always be proud of her.

This is definitely a lap book, solid and shiny and one for handling.

PS. The parent gender is interchangeable.