World-whizzing Facts

Reviewed By  Nan van Dissel       January 24, 2022


Author  Emily Grossman. Illustrations Alice Bowsher.

Distributor:      Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN:                 9781526602435
Publisher:         Bloomsbury Children's Books
Release Date:   November 2021  


Awesome Earth Questions Answered

Have you ever examined animal poo? Which animal has square poo? Which creature’s delicious vomit might actually be good for you? On which planet(s) might it rain diamonds? You can find the answers and more in Dr Emily Grossman’s book ‘World-Whizzing Facts; Awesome Earth Questions Answered’.

Dr Emily Grossman, science communicator, broadcaster and champion of science education, first asks the question and then challenges you to figure out the answer by giving you four options, before providing the random and often weird explanation for this answer.  

If you enjoyed her ‘Brain Fizzing Facts’ book, you’ll definitely delight in figuring out the answers and finding out more things about the world in this book. You’ll laugh, you might even be shocked at some of the gross facts, but you’ll definitely learn a lot from this easy to read book with its great cartoon illustrations.