Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       June 16, 2015


Author  TW Lawless

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-0-9942651-0-4
Publisher:         Campanile Publishing
Release Date:    


Hack Peter Clancy is finding his way about London after a disastrous time in Melbourne. His new home is proving to be more difficult to get a job in than he thought, even with his references, which he thought were pretty good. He finally gets a job with the notorious scandal sheet ‘Star Gazer’, writing all the ‘gossip’ he can dredge up on the entertainment sector and celebrities.

Newish to the ‘Red Top’ market in London, the ‘Gazer’ will stop at almost nothing to get latest dirt and sets Peter up to do a ‘Tell All’ interview with Lady Pamela Moncrieff, mistress to a Cabinet Minister. He does the work, writes the story, only to find it has been leaked to a rival scandal sheet by none other than a fellow journalist, the guy he though was a mate; the first mate he had made in London.

He is introduced to Ruby Manzanoni, daughter of rock legend Richard (Maz) Manzanoni of Marquis Fusion, which is when things really start to hot up in Peters world; both in the personal and professional sections of his life. He tells Ruby he is writing a book and is in London doing the research; just the first of the many prefabrications he will be forced to tell in the coming months.

At a family party at ‘Maz’s’ country estate Peter meets actress Olivia Michaels, now a wasted wreck of her former beauty, but it is said she will be making a comeback in a soon to be commenced movie. As the weekend progresses Peter begins to realise there is far more to Olivia Michaels purported return to stardom than meets the eye.

This is the story that will make Devrille, owner of the ‘Gazer’, break all the rules and put Peter in more danger than he has ever had to contend with, even in Melbourne.

Once again, Peter Clancy has stumbled over one of the biggest stories in his so far chequered career, which will once again put him in jeopardy, and challenge every ethic he may or may not have ever had to uncover the truth.

Entertaining, well research and flowing from London to America and back again, this is another entertaining, fast paced crime thriller from the pen of TW Lawless.

He and his alter ego Peter Clancy just keep on getting better and better as they uncover one of Britain’s darkest secrets but once again, at what cost!