Crime and Parchment 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       December 16, 2023


Author  Daphne Silver

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781685125080
Publisher:         Level Best Books
Release Date:   November 2023  


A Rare Books Cozy Mystery

Crime and Parchment from Daphne Silver is set in the small coastal town of Rose Mallow, where nothing of great importance ever occurs, certainly not a series of murders for something that may or may not be true.

Arriving at the Wildflower Inn, Juniper is greeted by her niece Violet and sister Azalea, but it does not take long before Juniper has to tell Azealia why she has come back to Rose Mallow after so long away. This does not go down well.

Rory, Azalea’s husband, has asked her to come and verify the information he has obtained on the cover ornate, jewel encrusted cover of the historic and famous Book of Kells, which according to local legend. was bought to Rose Mallow with the first settlers. He has sent Juniper pages from the famous O’Day Diaries which he believes hold the location to the missing treasure.

As Juniper is an expert on Rare Books and Manuscripts, Rory considered she could authenticate what he had found, but when Murder is done, she is drawn into the Murder inquiry, initially as a suspect, and then as a person determined to find out what really happened. Rory has vanished, possibly also murdered.

A film crew, staying at the Wildflower Inn are there to record an interview with Orson Bradford, aka Professor Treasure Hunter, on his latest memoir. He also states he knows where the ‘Cover’ has been hidden and is prepared to make a Press announcement as well.

Emotions flow between the two sisters, both looking for the comfort of family since their beloved Nana Z passed, both trying to find a way through the mess life has become, each one searching for a fresh, new beginning.

Comfortable and enjoyable, murder in the almost, but not quite perfect town of Rose Mallow, flows along with a few twists built in to hold the intrigue, while carefully hiding the real culprit in plain sight.

Based around the history of the Irish settlers to America in the 1600’s and the famous Book of Kells manuscripts, Crime and Parchment is a most enjoyable instalment to the ‘The Rare Book Murder’ series.