Deadly Obsession 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       August 27, 2014


Author  Karen M Davis

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-19-220-5255-1
Publisher:         Simon & Schuster
Release Date:    


Young Detective Lexie Rogers is back in another tantalising thriller when she and her partner Brad Sommers are called to the scene of a murder at one of the popular Sydney beaches on an chilly winters morning.

The body of a young woman has been found, beautifully laid out with her hands holding red rose.  The red rose is obviously significant but at this early stage the question is why? Why was she murdered and why was she holding the rose?

As the investigation begins to unfold we again meet the crew of the Bondi Junction detectives division as they set out to find out why.

But, as the investigation slowly unfolds Lexie is finding out it not only involves people she knows well, like her ex-husband Zack, now a para-medic and former best friend  Sasha, placing her integrity as a detective on the line.

As it is her first case in charge of the investigation she is determined to solve the mystery, which ends up with having to place her own life on the line, all in the course of duty, when she once again has to take part in a covert operation.

As this latest murder has laid a trail to other murders in the past, all women and all clutching a red rose, there has to be one common factor. As this becomes clearer Lexie has to come to terms with a number of issues from the past, her past.

Flashbacks to her own troubled past, coupled with some serious threats on her life, a deep and passionate love affair that has fallen apart and the daily operations of Sydney’s finest, all come together seamlessly to make a great and intriguing read, as you try to work out just who has done the unthinkable.