Do Big Small Things 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       April 27, 2016


Author  Bruce Poon Tip

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9780762460571
Publisher:         Running Press
Release Date:   April 2016  


This is all about dreaming Big and following up, recording, learning and enjoying whatever it is you desire or set out to accomplish. This is about your journey across this place called the World, a place on which you live, love and eventually move on.

Each page in this amazingly creative and encouraging journal is special; special because it comes from someone who has been or is engaged with living their life and offering something they have learned to you.

See special. The first chapter if that is what you would like to call it deals with this thing called Freedom, a word that means so many different things to people, but essentially is a word that is a part of something bigger. There is a very colourful map showing you the different steps to letting that feeling, that freedom feeling, take you on to the next place, the next step.

In this section, as there is in all the sections, there is a lively piece from Kari relating to a journey taken throughout Northern Vietnam, the people on the bus and the moment when unity was achieved through laughter.

Span the Generations offers a look at the history, celebrations and festivals that make up various cultures, the circle of life and the passion that should accompany the many things you undertake in your life.

Colourful, enjoyable, invigorating, with some wonderful photos to go with the eclectic artworks, the timeless  face of the Warrior who lives in the Rainforest, peeps out from his clay mask. His name is Delfin and he gave to his friend Bruce Poon Tip, the sage advice that ‘life is measured not by how many people you know, but by the meaningful connections you make’; two unlikely friends both enjoying a friendship spanning more than 20 years: one from the rainforests and one from the urban forests.

Adrienne offers a poignant reflection on her time spent backpacking in Nepal where she met the incredible women from the SASANE group who help some of the thousands of women who are sold or captured into human trafficking and prostitution every year.

The underlying intent of the book is to reach out via many mediums to encourage you to take that first step, to make that connection, to treasure that memory that line in a book or on a temple wall, that poem, but most of all to set out on your journey, to make the most of every moment, to enjoy, live, love, laugh and learn from the experience.

As with all diary’s it is meant to be kept to reflect back on that special time in your life, to enjoy with family and friends and to be left as a memory when it is your time to move on. The medium is simply perfect for achieving all those things.

Enjoy your special, unique, journey!