Every Second Tuesday 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       March 27, 2021


Author  Elwood Writers

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9780645004106
Publisher:         Rightword Enterprises
Release Date:   November 2020  

Website:    https://elwoodwriters.com/ 

Every second Tuesday for more than thirteen years, a group of four people have meet to write; to create stories and poetry  around life in general, history, emotion. In many ways, their stories are reflective of life in general and the rich diversity of human nature.

Over the years they have captured so many of life’s little ‘moments’ recording them for posterity in prose, short story and whimsy, with the subject matter ranging from the trenches of World War I to the tragedy of life in the modern world, both senses of emotion captured by Helen McDonald in the short story My Grandpa and verse Friday: both incidents more than 100 years apart, but reflecting on the value of human life.

Barry Lee Thompson’s musings have been published by Transit Lounge under the title of Broken Rules and Other Stories to wide acclaim. He writes about so many of the issues no one likes to address. Just Martin is a beautifully worded piece about a little boy who is waiting; but waiting for what and why? Larry’s Way is a quirky short story about friendship and love that gently looks at the novelty of first love.

Jennifer Bryce places into words the deep, gut wrenching emotion of the birth and death of a small child and the emotional chasm that is created for the parent’s during this brutal time of confrontation in Benjamin. Reflecting once again on war she crafts a quirky piece Brothers, using the medium of letters between Edgar left in England, classed as unfit for duty due to a club foot and his brother Tosh in the trenches of France.  

Ironing is something we all love to hate and many love to love as it is soothing, mindless and rewarding, but seldom the inspiration behind a story that sets out in bright light, so much of the ‘other side’ of why we iron. In Margaret McCaffrey’s world she considered it as an ‘avoidance measure’ but upon further reflection, as eloquently offered in Ironing,  it could easily appear to be a form of peaceful meditation with a positive end result; a pile of beautifully ironed linen.

The Lamb is a charming story about a mother, a daughter and a weekend Writers Workshop with unexpected results from Margaret McCaffrey which will warm the heart and tease the emotions.

The mix in Every Second Tuesday is eclectic, the stories and poems deliciously delightful, crammed full of the unexpected and perfect for those with only a small window of time to indulge in their gentle obsession of reading the written word.