Gold Standard 

Reviewed By  Ian Banks       September 2, 2015


Author  David Finchley

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-1-925230-90-1
Publisher:         Sid Harta Publishers
Release Date:    


Dr Andrew Marshall has recently returned to the prestigious Prince Charles Hospital, a hospital where his former mentor Dr Jeffrey Harris has made a ground-breaking discovery in brain cancer treatment. He is excited at once again being able to work with a man he much admires but it is not long before he begins to doubt the veracity of some of the claims being made.

The further he looks and the more data he begins to analyse, he starts to realise that there is more than just a few things that don’t add up and that perhaps what has been going on is less than ethical.

Add a former love interest in Lisa Wallace, another doctor with an interest in cancer research and treatment and you have got a great little ‘pot-boiler’ of a read that will keep you entertained.

Relatively fast moving, the plot raises some very real ethical questions and also challenges Andrew Marshall when he realises that whatever he does it will have ramifications that will destroy a man’s career and the Department he has recently returned to work with.

The choices he will have to make challenge the very basis of his beliefs both ethically and personally and if he fails to take action to right a serious breach of ethics as well as blackmail, where does that leave him.

Based loosely on the pulp fiction storyline of beginning and ending in the middle ‘Gold Standard’ is a great read.