Reviewed By  Ian Banks       December 7, 2020


Author  Jack Heath

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781760877170
Publisher:         Allen & Unwin
Release Date:   December 2020  

Website:    https://www.allenandunwin.com 

Timothy Blake is back, not surprisingly as this seriously abstract character, morphing from the darkest regions of Jack Heath’s mind, has captured the imagination of readers who absolutely enjoy delving into the deep, psychological components of crime pushed to the extreme.

In his latest case, Timothy Blake is out to commit murder for the first time in his rather extraordinary career with the FBI. He is after the leader of a group of totally depraved people known as the Guards; Frank is the target, but as Blake is to go in undercover as Lux, the outside link to the Dark Web, as well as a patron of the depravity offered by the Guards, time is of the essence.

Blake feels terribly vulnerable as he does not know enough about Lux to be able to be Lux for too long without giving the game away and ending up with bullet in head for his troubles. There are also certain proclivities Blake would rather not have to deal with in this situation, as well which is causing him considerable concern.

As the plot unfurls, so too does the suspense as Blake deals with what he considers are the true Monsters of society; the sick, sad and tragic people who live in real life as well as  vicariously through the emotions of torture, death and the macabre, but others who know his secret consider he is the real Monster!

Realising all too soon the ringleader Fred is not the only one who needs to be ‘removed’, he decides to take each of the other five members of the Guards out one by one, which in theory seems like the best way forward, until he begins to suspect he may be a target one of the group, and that is when the amazingly intricate imagination of Jack Heath takes full flight once again, as Blake almost meets a grizzly end.

Fans of Timothy Blake will enjoy every gruesome moment of Hideout as the gentle, yet dangerous and bizarre hero, with a taste for human flesh, sets out to right a serious wrong once again in his own inimitable style.

AS the new Director of the FBI has issues with Blake but the CIA appear to be happy with his unique talents only time will tell whether Blake is back on a new case or not!

Hideout is another addictive, best read in broad daylight story, based in the very dark, dark, side, from acclaimed master storyteller Jack Heath, laced with a wry slant on life and those who tread the unholy pathways of sadistic appetite and crime.

Crime noir at its very best!