Lawson’s Bend 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       February 8, 2019


Author  Nicole Hurley-Moore

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781760631116
Publisher:         Allen and Unwin
Release Date:   Febrary 2019  

Website:    http:/ 

Lawson’s Bend is small town struggling to escape from the past; a town portrayed in its poignant reality as the setting for the latest work from acclaimed author Nicole Hurley Moore in Lawson’s Bend.

When Henny Bolton’s mother dies unexpectedly, she returns to the place she vowed she would never return too; the place where so much tragedy had occurred; a place that until that terrible night in 2008, she had always called home.

Returning bought back memories of a night she would rather forget, memories of happier times all laced with the overwhelming grief of the recent loss of her beloved mother and her best friend, almost ten years before.

The summer of 2008 and a graduation party at the Res was to be the setting for a tragedy that shook the small rural community to its foundations, saw many young people leave, never to return and the ones who choose to stay, the families who lost their children, struggling to rebuilding their lives as best they were able.

Stephen Drake was one of those who choose to stay, leaving his dreams of a different life unfilled, working with this father on their farm after the death of his mother. As each days passes and as she tries to make sense of her mother’s death, Henny comes to discover that Stephen is a source of great comfort, his steady, calm nature exactly what she needs to help guide her through her grief.

Two deaths, both apparently unconnected makes Henny begin to question the events of her mother’s death, connecting that to another recent death at the Res, another friend lost. Her questions seem to be unsettling the people of Lawsons Bend. When Henny becomes a direct target of someone out to stop the questions, she realises her life is also now in terrible danger. But why?

Nicole Hurley Moore has developed a wonderful warmth of maturity with her writing that enriches the characters and the setting, encouraging her readers into the life of the town and the people. Her work captures the essence of times past, futures yet to be discovered, fresh beginnings, all with a hope and knowledge based in love and understanding.