Lobster is the best medicine: a collection of comics about friendship 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 30, 2015


Author  Liz Climo

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 Running Press
Publisher:         Running Press
Release Date:    

Website:    http://www.newsouthbooks.com.au 

There are times in life when you simply want to laugh or cry and when your best friend just happens to be there with you, you know you have a true friend; because a true friend is there for you red eyes, puffy face and all.With ‘Lobster as the very best medicine’, you will simply laugh!

Liz Climo has come up with this wonderful collection of comical drawings representing the meaning of friendship in tribute to her friends as well as providing a quirky look at the insanity that is sometimes called life.

When she moved to Los Angeles to commence work as a member of ‘The Simpsons’ team, she had one friend in the city, no place to stay and not much money. Her friend Andrea offered her a futon to sleep on in her flat, an offer she took up and used for three months.

Now ten years on, with Andrea is living in New York, life having changed also for Liz, she is still in touch with friends old and new. In her own, distinctive style of animation she has created this wonderful collection that will not only give her friends a laugh, but everyone else as well.

Divided into three sections the first ‘a friend in need’, the second ‘hanging out’ and the third ‘unlikely friends’, it sums the entire friendship thing up beautifully.

The final two pages are amongst the many, both reflective of life and also very droll, where you have a hare catching a lift with a tortoise, and a shark and lobster trying very hard to work out exactly what is the best medicine, laughter, lobster or simply aspirin!

If you are feeling a bit down, missing your best friend, are in a place that is a new to you, new home, new town or new job, go out and track down a copy, keep it in your bag and pull it out for those moments when you need to add a lift to your spirits.

Send a copy to your friend as well so they to know you are missing them and you can both have a good laugh!