Making Peace 

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       May 29, 2018


Author  Fiona Macallum

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781489246776
Publisher:         Harper Collins Publishing
Release Date:   March 2018  


All of us face tragedy in our lives at some time. If you are blessed like Hannah and have spent a calm and loving youth and young adult hood, it must seem like the world has come to an end. A happily married woman, Hannah was preparing for Christmas when she heard the news that her husband and parents had been killed when a truck ploughed into their car. Having never dealt with grief and loss, the young woman thought she would never recover.

Luckily, Hannah had a small circle of friends and an Aunty across the road, who kept her from deep depression. The other factor in the young woman’s recovery was a cat that she rescued. Not being an animal owner before, she didn’t realize the cat was about to deliver two kittens into the household. She fell in love with the proud mother and her tiny children and made a happy and safe home for them. They in turn jumped on her lap and cuddled whenever they could.

One of Hanna’s closest friends was a woman who was married and had young twin boys. Her name was Sam, and she had a wonderful gift for creating artistic pieces which she decided to put on a market stall, with Hanna’s help. This was very successful, and Sam decided to produce more of her own works. However, her domestic life was to undergo a huge adjustment, and Hannah repaid all the support she had received from Sam.

During this time, a court case was being heard against the truck driver who had lost control of his vehicle and crashed into Hanna’s family car. He was in a desperate way, suffering from depression and separated from his wife and family. Knowing that the truck company who owned the vehicle was at fault for not servicing it properly, Hannah had never taken an interest in the court proceedings. She accidentally met the man and made it quite clear that she held no grudges, and completely   exonerated him from blame. In fact, he and his wife became included in Hanna’s circle of friends.

The many varied elements in the story come together seamlessly to show that from disaster and tragedy, one can rebuild their life, and although never forgetting her past, Hannah through her caring nature, was able to help others.

A lovely continuum which draws to a close much of what was left behind in at the conclusion of Finding Hannah.