Matakana -Something is Rotten 

Reviewed By  Ian Banks       June 9, 2015


Author  Adam Sarafis

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781760067762
Publisher:         Echo Publishing
Release Date:    


Brent Taylor is a budding author who comes across a story where things don’t seem to be right. His writing and manuscripts have attracted the attention of someone high up with connections to the New Zealand Government. Brent is unceremoniously dispatched: it looked like suicide, but was it?

His friend, sex worker Jade, thinks that something is far from right as Brent would not commit suicide; he was not that type of guy; he loved life, loved living and enjoyed his job. He never judged her and she was, in her opinion, a pretty good judge of people.

Sam Hallberg, a friend of a friend, is contacted by Jade and is talked into checking out some of the things that just don’t add up and also to try and find out what happened to the manuscript Brent was working on before his death.  He also has had dealings with people high up, survived to live another day and decided that the life as mechanic suited him pretty well these days.

He reluctantly agrees to help Jade try and discover just what really did happen and by doing so sets off a chain of events that will resonated across the world.

Sam and cohort Lynette Church, a political journalist start to dig and the further they look the more simply does not add up.

Uncovering things the Governments of several countries would rather keep secret, along with people who are supposed to have been killed in Iraq during 2002, being found alive and well in New Zealand, seems to be a bit too much of a coincidence. The level of corruption with all roads leading back to Iraq just seems to get deeper and deeper.

But Brent did have some idea what he was writing could be dangerous and left instruction with Jade about a CD that would be invaluable, should anything happen to him. The people who are trying to stop Sam and Lynette uncovering the truth also decide to try and stop Jade from recovering the hidden CD and almost succeed in killing her in the attempt.

Who are the mysterious ‘they’; what exactly are they trying to hide and who are they trying to protect?

This is a gripping, intense and totally enjoyable thriller which will keep you involved until the very last page.