No Turning Back 

Reviewed By  Ian Banks       October 18, 2018


Author  Sam Blake

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781785760563
Publisher:         Bonnier/Zaffre
Release Date:   July 2018  

Website:    http:/ 

When the body of a young man, Tom, is found on the side of the road and the supposed suicide of Laura, whose body has been found at the base of a cliff, is discovered it sets off a train of events that will stretch the ability of Detective Garda Cathy ‘Cat’ Connolly, O’Rourke and their team to its very limits in this their third novel, No Turning Back.

A high-profile local family is involved as it is their son Tom who has been found on the side of the road and they can offer no explanation as to why he was where he was found. Laura’s family also are perfectly convinced that she would not have committed suicide and if she had it would not have been anywhere near a cliff, as she was terrified of water.

As the case unfolds a connection to the dark web and the world of international terrorism is discovered which confounds not only the Garda but the families involved in the tragedy.

Every turn of the page in this riveting thriller uncovers the reality that all was not as it seemed as each layer of the investigation slowly revels deep schisms within families, a world of international terrorism and the dark web, territory Cat and her team understood but had never had to confront in such stark reality.

The on-again-off again conflict between Cat and her boss O’Rourke continues to add spice to this third novel helping to level out the deadly serious side of the reality of modern levels of crime and tragedy.

But as Cat, her offsider Fanning and O’Rourke discover, the level of depravity and violence involved is beyond their wildest imagination and is set to wreak havoc on the London Metro, in a far worse terrorist strike than anything conceived in the past.

Fast paced, riveting and well researched Blake has once again created a world of modern-day crime and criminals who will use every aspect of modern-day life to spread terror, and the vulnerable people caught up in the mess.

Sam Blake has meticulously researched and presented the world of cybercrime in such a way that it leaves a chilling legacy to remind that vigilance is always required when using the ‘net’ in any or all aspects of modern-day life and business.