Retro TV- Classic shows we used to love 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 20, 2015


Author  Ian Collins

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781742575599
Publisher:         New Holland Publishers
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When TV entered the entertainment arena back in 1948 in America, then arrived on the doorstep of Australia in the 1950’s, life as we used to know it changed considerably. Not only did it bring a variety of entertainment into the lounge room, it took people to places they had only read and dreamed about. It opened up the world of instant entertainment, something never before experienced.

In the ‘50’s the American Road Show rolled into town, bringing with it something for everyone at a time when the world was finding its way towards a new world of entertainment making stars of people who may never have been discovered other than by visiting in the lounge room every week.

Most of the content relates to the American shows which held sway on the screen, but then that’s what we grew up with and it was not until later that the Austrlian industry  started to have an impact, as well as a good number of the British Programs

Meanwhile if you had a TV in the ’50’s you were not only the most popular house in the street, you suddenly had more visits from family than ever before, especially when something of significance was about to take place such as an Ashes Test Match or Armstrong walking on the moon.  Just watching the news of the day was considered to be an event.

Initially it mimicked radio shows, with weekly serials, quizz shows and the like, but slowly developed its own personality, that of enterprise, pushing the boundaries with what could be done and achieved and once the audience and station sponsors warmed to this new form of entertainment, the sky was the limit.

CBS moved into the field with live drama shows, the comedy genre in the likes of Lucille Ball, Dezi Arnez, Dick van Dyke and so many other legends found a format which was to last more than a decade and bring fun and enjoyment to a worldwide audience.

Along with tis was a raft of serials: the cult like following that came from the series Star Trek, still much enjoyed today, the raft of ‘cowboy movies’, and let’s not forget The Untouchables, The Real Mc Coys, Leave it to Beaver, Surfside Six, Route 66, a weekly series you simply did not miss, Daktari and so many, many, more shows became firm favourites. Viewers were spoiled for choice.

With the advent of DVD’s and Retro TV many of these shows, which have sort of stood the test of time, are now becoming fast favourites of a new generation. Shows such as Hogan’s Hero’s, Fawlty Towers, Gilligan’s Island and the likes of Get Smart, being another is bringing entertainment, for entertainment sake, back into the world of TV viewing.

As the years have rolled along many look back with nostalgia to a time when life was so much less complex; A time when you could sit and enjoy some truly great, inspirational and exciting programs from your armchair.

For those looking back, enjoy the journey, for those looking for something different to watch, have fun and a great laugh while you’re at it!