Sharpe Turn 

Reviewed By  Staff Writer       November 26, 2014


Author  Marianne Delacourt

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-1-74237-003-3
Publisher:         Arena/Allen&Unwin
Release Date:    


Janet Evanovich, Delacourt is not, but as a writer of readable fiction with her character Tara Sharp she has put together a reasonably plausible crime yarn. Set in Perth the story winds around the drug market, unrequited love, low level lust, bad guys, good guys and unexpected guys to make a very readable story.

Asked to look into race fixing at the local motor-racing industry, Sharp sets out to earn some much needed cash  not realising race fixing is really just the thin end of the wedge. When the madam of a brothel also asks for her help to find the killer of her partner, life as Sharp loves to know it, really starts to get interesting.

With a little or a lot of help from her mates, Wal, Cass, Hoshi, Bok and the incredible” hunk” Nic Tozzi she manages to solve the case,  save herself and finds out that all roads really do lead to………….

A great summertime read; light, enjoyable, fast paced and almost believable!