Skin Deep 

Reviewed By  Steph Bennett       August 15, 2015


Author  Gary Kemble

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781760068172
Publisher:         Echo Publishing
Release Date:    


This book is a real page turner, fast paced and action packed. It is a political thriller with the twists and turns of other elements thrown in that make it unique. There are surreal aspects to the emergence of mysterious tattoos that appear in the night. The title gives meaning to the context of the story.

The main character Harry is plagued by his past and also that of an SAS hero Rob and his girlfriend Kyla. Harry becomes unwittingly involved in past events through visions/nightmares depicting the horrors of Afghanistan, the bikie underworld, political corruption and the downing of a helicopter. All this is happening whist Harry is trying to expose the wrong doing of the opposition leader Andrew Cardinal who is a nasty piece of work.

The nexus between the imaginary past and the compulsion Harry has for uncovering corruption and truth are what hangs this powerful story together. It’s no surprise that Gary Kemble is himself a journalist; he brings the elements of newsworthy events together in the form of an easily digestible novel. I found the “tattoo” device a bit contrived but ingenious never the less.

A great debut novel and I look forward to reading what Gary can conjure up next.