Someone Like You 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       June 5, 2018


Author  Karly Lane

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781760296896
Publisher:         Allen and Unwin
Release Date:   May 2018  


When life turns into one long, mess, writers block has got a serious hold and every day is just ordinary, what do you do? Hayley Steven’s life was like this for real: she had found her husband and best friend in bed and after a year in the dumps she realised a change was needed. Sure she had written a couple of best sellers but there had to be more to life than existing!

Looking on the internet she found a lovely little cottage for sale, in a small rural village of Lockway, located on the edge of the Macdonald River; a place she and Paul had once spent a lovely weekend, and decided on the spur of the movement to purchase it and move there. Surely there she could find herself once again.

Packing the last of her bags in the boot of her much loved red Audi coupe she left the madness, hustle and bustle of Sydney behind her as she set out to begin once again. And that is when life really did begin to get interesting.

Realising rather quickly that 50 acres really was a large amount of property to care for, Hayley sets out for the local farm supply to see what can be done or what she needs, as well as a few grocery items, and somehow finds herself the owner of a rather noisy donkey by the name of Errol, who, by wandering off an getting stuck in the dam next door introduces her to the rather hunky farmer, Luke Mason, who just happens to come to her, and Errol’s rescue.

As the days unfold, Hayley struggles to write anything her publisher or agent would consider worth the effort. On a walk across the property she steps into a time and place that was fraught with danger, deep emotion and horror. Coming back into the everyday world she realises something very strange has occurred, which troubles her immensely.

 Over time and in discussion with Luke and his family she begins to realise what she saw and experienced that day was very real, and could have ramifications for the Mason family and the history of the area.

In her latest work, Karly Lane has seamlessly tied together the world of past lives, romance, a little history and a beguiling yarn, to once again create a hugely enjoyable cast of characters, who will find their way into your heart, as they come to life tackling so many of the everyday issues that fill our lives.

Perhaps her best work to date!