Reviewed By  Ian Banks       November 8, 2017


Author  Lois Murphy

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-0-9954098-0-4
Publisher:         Transit Lounge
Release Date:   October 2017  


Set loosely in a town deep in the south west of Western Australia, where there are many small settlements left from the days of timber milling, many of which have died out completely, the story focuses on the beginning of the end of a community and a town. 

 Residents of a small town called Nebulah once a thriving community, are beginning to have issues with people disappearing and returning as non-beings, seemingly encapsulated in a mist which invades the town every evening, leaving absolute carnage in its wake. 

 Initially it was considered a hoax by developers wanting to redevelop the land, but as more people began to be killed in an horrifying manner, residents began leaving  in droves, but a few, more stubborn than most, decided to stay and see out whatever it was that was going on. 

 Three people, Peter, an ex-policeman who stayed on after his retirement, Lai who runs a small market garden holding, and Millie, the girl who proves to the final death knell for the town, remain as the last residents of this almost ghost town.

 Alex, a psychic, visits the town, as do many others, in the form of media, film makers and curiosity seekers, trying to capture and understand what is going on, but all have failed. Alex is harder to dissuade than most, as she is a firm believer in UFO’s and strange events which have been documented directly after their appearance in the many areas of Australia; events where people have disappeared only to return in an altered mental capacity but able to tell incredible tales of what happened during their time away. 

 A friendship develops between Alex and Peter, and she warns him to leave the town, to be careful around Millie as she will be the final destructive force.  As there become less and less reasons to stay and more reasons to leave, her entreaties grow stronger, but for a wide range of reasons Peter finds he can’t leave. 

  Soon is a gritty, dark thriller of a ride which pushes every emotion to the very edge in what could be considered a thought provoking look at reality, love, loss and the consequences of staying until the bitter and tragic end, in a town that no longer holds, or is considered, a community.