The Beekeeper’s Daughter 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       September 2, 2014


Author  Santa Montefiore

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781471139123
Publisher:         Simon & Schuster
Release Date:    


First loves can sometimes last a lifetime and by doing so colour all the hours of the days in the years that are to follow.

When Grace Hamblin, daughter of the head gardener and beekeeper,  falls in love with Rufus Duncliffe, son of Lord and lady Penselwood little did she know where it would lead as she was only fourteen and dazzled by his raffish splendour.

During the War years the young men of the Village all head off to fight for country including long-time friend Freddie and Rufus. They both return, older wiser, embittered: Freddie having saved Rufus’ life but in doing so losing his eye.

Endeavouring to return to a normal life Rufus takes up his familial duties and Freddie, now married to Grace, moves to America to the island of Tekanasset, Massachusetts.

Their daughter Beatrix (Trixie) grows up loving the life but as she get older craves for something other than island life and the strictures of a society which are rapidly changing.

She falls in love with summer visitor to the island Jasper, member of a band that is playing there for the season. Tragedy strikes with the death of his brother with Jasper needing to return to his family in England, taking up the reigns as Lord Penselwood, leaving Trixie behind. Although they both vow to meet again and will wait for each other, many years pass before they meet again under very different c circumstances.

Trixie has always wondered why her mother is so terribly sad and her father aloft and rigid, but it is not until tragedy strikes once again with her mother Grace being diagnosed with Cancer, Trixie starts to query her parents past.

 Discovering a cache of love-letters hidden in her mother’s shed she sets out to trace her heritage and by doing so discovers  that past and present have come together  in a manner neither she, nor Jasper ever could have foretold when they made their vow to each other on a summers night on Tekanassett Island so many years before.

As always with stories woven by the pen of Santa Montefiore the scene is set in great detail as is the story. The characters come alive and you are seduced into their world of life and love.

Rich in the telling she has once again created a beautiful story of love and life, past and present, based around the old and timeless saying of, ‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive’.