The Book of He 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 25, 2016


Author  Peter Berner

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-1925048544
Publisher:         Finch Publishing
Release Date:   December 2015  



A simple line can say so much especially when it is the result of Berner beginning to create one of his many unique statements b about not just men but life, which is to be found and enjoyed as you slowly travel across the pages that make up this hugely entertaining look at the male of the species

As the pages turn the life of an ordinary bloke are revealed as he tries to quietly live his life, keep a low profile and generally remain as undisturbed in his moment as possible.

But as we will discover with a few words and a few lines this does not always have the result the ordinary bloke requires.

He realises he should have spent more time frolicking naked when he had the chance and that after having read the newspaper form back to front he ‘felt strangely dumber’. Fast forwarding through the commercials bought him peace and trying to build that easy to build Ikea piece he somehow ended up on his head.

The beauty of this look at the ordinary bloke is that we can all relate to so very much of what is encapsulated within the book, and if we can’t we surely know someone who can.

Berner is a well-known and respected entertainer with an intelligent humour that has become his trademark in the stand-up comedy arena. To translate this to paper is a real treat as it can be taken out time and time again and enjoyed by everyone even the ordinary bloke!

With his economy of line and word he is able to tell the story perhaps far more vividly than if he tried to describe the situation in more detail as now, he has left us to the whimsy of our imagination which can be far more expressive than any written word, or line can ever be.

Perhaps the most telling piece is the final point made where the ordinary bloke really does appreciate the finer, simple, splendid things in life such as the cherry o the top of the ice-cream!

In his eyes, he may be the ordinary bloke, but he really does have it all!