The Charleston Scandal 

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       January 4, 2021


Author  Pamela hart

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9780733643781
Publisher:         Hachette Australia
Release Date:   November 2020  


Pamela Hart has set The Charleston Scandal in London in 1923. It is a romantic, Historical Novel which contains many real characters such as Fred Astaire, Noel Coward and the Prince of Wales. With much research into music, theatre and fashion of the times, there is an authentic feel to the way she has linked theatre and the Aristocracy. She also portrays women and their new way of living and thinking.

Kit, the main character, born in Sydney to English parents, her mother from an Aristocratic family, her father a Dean in the Church, has the fortune to be an incredibly talented singer and dancer. Kit decides to test her luck on the English stage and is lucky enough to score a supporting role in a major musical. Once the mysteries of living arrangements and theatre rehearsals have been sorted out, she looks towards becoming involved in an active social life.

Her mother has written to a cousin in England, asking her to catch up with Kit. The cousin, who owns a large country estate, invites the girl for a weekend which portrays the interesting conflict between aristocratic attitudes and the theatre, which soon become apparent. Kit also accepts invitations to Jazz clubs where Royalty dance and is photographed dancing the Charleston with the Prince of Wales, which causes great turmoil at the Palace.

Social issues of the times are part of this scene, with sexuality one of those issues. The Jazz age is in full swing, and the excesses of the era provide great temptation for Kit. She can manage most issues with her background of a loving and disciplined mother, and religious father but falling in love is quite another matter though, as choices must be made that will affect her future life.