The Daughters of Henry Wong 

Reviewed By  Ian Banks       April 15, 2017


Author  Harrison Young

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781925384970
Publisher:         Ventura Press
Release Date:   December 2016  


When Jonathan Lee (Wendy) marries Henry Wong’s daughter Amanda, he thinks he has got it made; a good life, a good job and a lovely rich wife. He soon discovers that he is more of a token gesture than a husband and really would rather enjoy the prestigious clubs and society set of Hong Kong, than be a part of his father in laws business – that of banking.

All that comes to a sudden halt thought when Henry Wong, the shrewdest and most powerful banker in Hong Kong,  goes missing, which is followed by what appears be a run on the his bank. Wendy, who has always opted for the easy life, has little option other than to take over the management of the bank. He makes the decision in the first instance to pay out the customers hoping against hope, that things may right themselves before he has to make any further decisions.

Sadly for Wendy, his hopes are ill founded as he discovers the run on the bank is just the beginning of things going badly, horribly, wrong.

Once matters have settled a little he realises he needs to try and find out who has set the run in motion, and does it in any way connect to Henry’s previous life; a life that was far different to that of a noted banker in Hong Kong circles.

As the days go by and Henry Wong has not re-appeared, Propaganda begins to appear on the streets indicating that things in the banking world may not be all they appear.

Song, Henry’s housekeeper becomes a confidant of Wendy’s, as he desperately tries to sort out the mess that has resulted from the take-over bid, confronts his wife infidelities and discovers there are far more layers in the life of Henry Wong, than anyone would have believed prior to his disappearance.

When the going begins to get seriously tough, Julia, an American financier arrives on the scene. But will this help solve what is rapidly turning into a very serious farce, or just add to the depth of the murky waters.

Love, lies, deceit and deception juggle for space in this intelligent work based in the world of International Banking, but somehow resembling a very classy Chinese puzzle.