The Lightkeeper’s Wife 

Reviewed By  Ian Banks       November 26, 2014


Author  Karen Viggers

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781741759143
Publisher:         Allen & Unwin
Release Date:    


Facing the end of her life Mary returns to the place of her younger life, Bruny Island, where she and her husband kept the light for many years, in order to confront her past and the secrets which threaten to destroy once again.

 Her children resist her attempts to spend her last days on the island which tore the family apart but younger son Tom shares his mother’s love of the wild, windswept island.

Journey along pathways Mary had long ago journeyed while she searches to right the wrongs of a life well lived before her health fails her.

Heart wrenching and enthralling the search to find peace at the end of her life has Mary following down pathways she could not have and would not have chosen.

Intriguing, absorbing, and deeply emotional this is one story which will touch the heart strings of all and will remain with the reader for some time to come as it is a story which could belong to any one of us.