The Philosophy of Snoopy 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       December 19, 2014


Author  Charles M Schultz

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978178211139
Publisher:         Canongate
Release Date:    


Snoopy is a much loved creation of Charles M Schultz who has more than stood the test of time as like other Peanuts characters he has his own very specific views on life and how he likes to live it.

Take for instance his gripe about rain. Why, he asks when it rains does it have to rain in his face, Why can’t it rain on his feet! Ergo, it then proceeds to rain on his feet only.

Perhaps people should take a leaf out of Snoopy’s book and adopt his philosophy of ‘There are always ways to work things out’, and then we too can enjoy life, in the same laid back manner! Guess it is all in the way you choose to look at things.

 But do wander further into the pages and you will see that things don’t always go his way as when his manuscript gets rejected the mail box takes the punishment. It does bring a smile to your face though as how many times have you wanted to do just that.

That is the beauty of the Charles M Schultz’s characters in that they do it the way we would so love to do.

This is one of four new releases for lovers of the Peanuts crew which are designed to bring these loveable and oh, so down to earth people back into our lives with their very, not so unique, way of looking at life’s little issues.

Snoopy is an all-time favourite and when Lucy asks him ‘what do you think the secret of living is’ his answer kind of says it all.

A great gift for giving even if it is too yourself for a treat! Enjoy Snoopy’s look at life from a very special doggie point of view!