The Tea Chest 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       May 8, 2014


Author  Josephine Moon

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781743317877
Publisher:         Allen & Unwin
Release Date:    


Four women, chance met, come together to realise a dream, not just theirs but the founder of the Tea Chest, Simone, who had passed her half of the business onto Kate, a talented and visionary blender of teas sold at the Tea Chest, purveyors of boutique teas.Warm, inspiring and comforting, just like a really good cup of tea, the story unfolds in an familiar manner to bring a dream alive, that of creating and following through with Simone’s last purchase and inspiration: that of opening a London Branch of the Tea Chest.

After much deliberation Kate takes a leap of faith, leaving her husband and small children in Australia to head off to London, inspired and not altogether sure she is doing the right thing, hoping and believing she is building a solid future for her little family.

Leila Morton, hot shot editing executive, has lost her job in truly spectacular fashion, screaming at her immediate superior in the office and then hurling a paper weight at him, breaking the office window.

Elizabeth Clancy has just discovered her beloved husband of 10 years has a second family and somehow finds herself on the evening news, clad only in her skimpy underwear. Not her best day!

Hidden in the background is Judy, Simone’s half-sister and business partner wants to sell up and sooner rather than later. She is no longer prepared to back the Tea Chest, which really puts the pressure on Kate and her team to succeed with the new outlet.

When the girls eventually find the location of the London premises all is far from what they expect. The place is a shambles, the builders are nowhere to be found and the local challenges are huge.

How they each contribute to the business unfolds with an compassion and delicacy to which we can all relate, all the while coming to terms with their own issues in life, finding solutions, facing their fears and yet building a friendship that will see them overcome the serious challenges that end up confronting them all on the day of the opening of the new store.

Carefully written with warmth and love, join Kate and the girls as they follow not only their dreams, but realise they too can believe in themselves and achieve their dreams in spectacular fashion.