The Wrong Callahan 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       December 10, 2018


Author  Karly Lane

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781760632656
Publisher:         Allen and Unwin
Release Date:   December 2018  


Just in time for the lazy days of summer comes the latest work, The Wrong Callahan from much loved Australian Author Karly Lane, as she explores the intimate aspects of family life, especially when one brother falls in love with the girl the other brother has been trying to invite out.

Lincoln Callahan has finally, after far too long away, returned to the family property Stringybark Creek, in time to celebrate Christmas with his family and the celebrity studded wedding of his sister Hadley at New Years.

Griffin was the dependable one in the family, who wanted nothing much more in life than to stay on the family farm, meet and marry a girl who wanted the same and do what he loved doing best, work and manage the land. Linc could not wait to leave, courting the edge of danger by joining the Army, doing three tours of Afghanistan, excelling at what he did best, until life stepped in.

Cash Sullivan was a traveller in life, coming from a dysfunctional and tragic family background, she was having trouble accepting the Callahan’s, who lived on the neighbouring property were as a family, for real. Their care for each other was something she had only read about and was aware of in an abstract sort of manner. She had always looked out for herself from the age of 17, making a success of her life, but always seeming to be a magnet for totally the wrong man.

 She has given into her friend Savannah’s persuasion to come to Rankin Springs to run her beauty Spa while she and her husband are away on a long-planned holiday in Britain. But when Cash and Linc meet up at the Farm, the entire balance of the Christmas season changes dramatically – their attraction was swift, astonishing both of them and turning their life upside down in one short, stunning moment, when they recognised in each other something primal and magnetic.

An uneasy triangle forms with an explosive result that forces out family grudges long held in between the brothers as they, as well as Cash have to face up to the results of their actions.

 Told with a warm, caring understanding of people, love, life and families, laced with a good dose of humour this summer romance makes a great excuse for lazing away a summer’s afternoon. As this is part one of The Callahan’s of Stringy Bark trilogy, there are of course a couple of teaser chapters at the end of the book just to whet the appetite.

Nicely done once again, Karly Lane.