Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       October 22, 2014


Author  Hayden Bradford

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781742984384
Publisher:         Hayden Bradford 2014
Release Date:    


Before you read this book make very, very, sure you leave your ideas about life, death and particularly religion firmly some other place, as this is a very cleverly written look at all three of these facts which affect each and every one of us.While it is not the done thing to read the last pages first in any book, in this case do so as it will make the entire life of ‘Travesty’ considerably more enjoyable.

Just to be perfectly clear this is satire, something which you do not often come across in today’s world of literature; Stand-up comedy definitely but in the written word, not all that often. Good satire is well worth the time and effort taken to read but not always enjoyed as it can and is more often than not, very confrontational.

One sure thing about well-presented satire is that it makes you think. In this meeting with ‘Travesty’ you can totally relate this to life, possibly after-life and life in general: yours and others.

Travesty was his name and he lived his short but largely unproductive life as a product of a dysfunctional family with a mother who was a confirmed ‘Bapo’ (Baptist), with deep religious beliefs as to what was and what was not acceptable.

His demise was truly spectacular and when he discovered he had actually died and gone somewhere, perhaps not to heaven  but definitely not earth, he was very, very, confused. But, along comes his guide and mentor in this bright new world, who takes him under his guidance to make sure he does actually get to enter the pearly gates and meet ‘The Man’, God, just in case you are confused.

The journey to meet God is something else again, with an raft of characters all adding their small bit to his journey into whatever is to come next, which turns out to be finally meeting God, falling in love and having to take up the challenge of returning to earth to carry out yet another mission.

Travesty is as travesty does ,making this a very entertaining look at what may, or may not come next once you leave this earth, particularly as Travesty is a self-confessed atheist, who spent most of his younger life studying the Bible and delighting in confronting and challenging the Minister every Sunday morning until he was banned from attending church.