Where They Found Her 

Reviewed By  Ian Banks       July 21, 2015


Author  Kimberly McCreight

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781471111327
Publisher:         Simon & Schuster
Release Date:    

Website:    http://www.simonandschuster.com.au 

Secrets lie hidden in a wood close to Ridgedale University Campus; secrets that have been buried for many, many years. It is not until heavy rains and flooding causes ground to be washed away do these secrets come back to haunt those involved.

But how will this secret affect the four women who are drawn together by one dreadful moment in time as they have to confront their past; a past that has now become, in the most shocking manner, the present.

When the bones of an infant child are uncovered in the woods the fabric of the University society and small town of Ridgedale begins to unravel. Of course everyone has an opinion about what happened and who could be responsible.

Who will come forward and who will keep quiet about the events that caused a family to hide all trace of what happened.

As the layers of society slowly strip away newcomer to the town Molly Sanderson, is following the story as a freelance journalist. She is discovering more than she ever wanted to know about the darker side of Ridgedale and its residents. It is also bringing back things she would rather forget as she struggles to cope with her own past.

Intriguing, intricate and well written the story is ruthless in portraying the lengths people will go to hide their past and the price to be paid for hiding the truth.