Cliff Carpenter could be anyone’s son, brother or uncle.  He was young, ambitious and had a fascination for all things aviation.  Sadly he was also one of the many casualties of WWII at the tender age of 28.

Australian character actor, Bill Young narrates this touching documentary about the uncle he never knew, tracing back to Cliff’s teenage years making airplanes in a Brisbane back yard to the WWII mission where he met his maker.
We learn Pioneer Australian aviator Jack Clifford (Cliff) Carpenter was one of ten soldiers gunned down during the Norway Invasion in 1940.  Against all odds one soldier survived, who recalls the incident in devastating detail in an exclusive interview in the Special Features.  We also gain an insight into Cliff’s thoughts and feelings leading up to the invasion through a series of letters he sent to his family and fiancé.
A Very Short War is a moving tribute to the son, brother and uncle who never came home.